Prague’s cafés can’t be described in one post only.

There needs to be a whole series on it!

Let this article be a little teaser for  future detailed posts about Prague Cafes. Or how about we let the locals or Prague´s  visitors vote on what their favourite breakfast cafe  in Prague is?

We are talking ONLY breakfast.

Yes, especially a big one, after a long party with a long working day ahead, or when you don´t feel like working or going to school and instead  you skip the first two hours and go for a boost of sugar. How about a place where freelancers can finish their work over a cup of fresh roasted coffee and home baked cake? We are taking into consideration the quality of the food & drinks, affordability, environment, good customer service, and location!

These are my friend and I’s nominations with some pictures (please excuse the poor quality of the photos).

You can add your favourite cafés in the comment box below. Please do! And if you have a picture, you are more than welcome to add it.


  1. Café Almandine (Moráň)

  2. Café Fialka (Vinohrady)

  3. Monolok (Vinohrady)

  4. Café Imperial (Na Poříčí)

  5. Cafe Vanille (Náměstí Míru)

  6. Panerie (Jindřišská)

  7. Choco Cafe u Ćervené Židle (Liliová)

  8. If Café (Tylovo)

  9. Café Bar Platýz ( Národní)

  10. Můj Šálek Kávy ( Karlín)

  11. Café Alza (Prague 7)

  12. Café Místo ( Dejvice)

  13. Bio Zahrada (Vinohrady)

  14. Ovocný Světozor (Světozor)

  15. Kavárna Obecní dům (Náměstí Republiky)

  16. Café Savoy (Újezd)

  17. Café Adria (Jungmannovo nám.)

  18. Café Next door by Imperial (Zlatnická)

  19. Ema Espresso Bar (Florenc)

  20. Café Louvre ( Národní)

  21. Národní Kavárna ( Národní)

  22. Café Slavia ( Národní)

  23. Kavárna Šlágr (Vinohrady)